Block Event® - The Rules


  • Block Event® is available to approved buy and sell-side Participants wishing to trade blocks.


Order Types, Operating Hours and Matching

  • Participants may submit Mid or VWAP order types during the Operating Hours.

  • Mid orders are matched at the mid-point of the NBBO. 

  • VWAP orders are matched at the VWAP from the time of the match until the Close.

  • Sell-side orders are only eligible for matching during specified Block Event® liquidity windows.

  • Orders are undisplayed.

  • The minimum order size that can be matched is block size.

  • Orders are matched based on time priority.

  • Orders can be matched outside normal trading hours with the agreement of Participants.

  • Orders are purged at the end of each day.



  • Participants may elect to send IOIs relating to their orders.

  • All IOIs are actionable and are only visible to buy-sides.

  • Order size is indicated as either <$1m, $1m+ or $5m+.



  • The Block Event® pool is overseen by trusted and experienced Sales Traders who are on hand to assist in putting blocks together if required.

  • Intermediated orders may be matched at any mutually agreed price or benchmark.


Trade Reporting and Settlement

  • Matches are immediately reported to an exchange.

  • All trades settle directly with your broker.