Whatever your size or strategy, BestEx has the capacity to undertake all or part of the trading for your fund.

For firms that do not currently have a trader or are looking to add to their trading team, we provide all of the benefits of your own in-house traders without the costs of increasing your headcount. This includes access to the latest technology to be able to source liquidity from dark pools, lit venues and broker flows.

Outsourced Trading

Better access to liquidity

Guaranteed best execution

Seamless integration

A best-of-breed trading desk, without the costs

No impact on broker relationships

If you already have a trader, we may be able to integrate them into our network and create significant cost savings for your firm. We can also work alongside your trader to provide additional resources on heavy volume days or provide backup coverage when your trader is away.

Our buy-side trading desk service might appeal to managers wanting to demonstrate to asset consultants or clients a best practice dealing capability as part of their investment process. Alternatively, managers may simply be seeking to maximise their performance through superior order execution or find themselves struggling to access liquidity through traditional means in a low volume and fragmented market environment. 

Our clients may include large institutions, boutique fund managers that have experienced FUM growth, family offices, start ups or offshore managers