How does BestEx add value?

The individuals behind BestEx have been at the forefront of major innovations in trading technology over the last decade. We have worked with the most sophisticated trading desks in Australia and Asia and as traders, have established lengthy track records of outperforming our peers. We have also spent time working on the sell side and as such, we are uniquely positioned to deliver a best of breed dealing capability.


While experience is central to the service we provide, our ability to add value comes specifically from the following areas:


  • Understanding the characteristics of different trading venues and when to use them;

  • Knowing which algorithms to use and how to drive them;

  • Identifying which brokers are active in particular stocks;

  • Ensuring brokers know when to show in lines of stock;

  • Providing relevant feedback from the market;

  • Knowing when to work orders with a high touch desk; and

  • Knowing what ‘best practice’ looks like.

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